Alloy Casting —— Liquidity and shrinkage

liquid alloy at the condition of casting mold , pouring and casting structure,ability of filling casting mold ,called Liquidity of alloy. Because there are kinds of alloys,liquidity is different ,too. The liquidity of similar alloy,mainly depends on chemical component.

alloy castingalloy casting is that Alloy has good liquidity, ability of filling casting mold is powerful,easy to get complete and edge-sharpness castings.

Alloy ,from liquid state to solid state,then down to room temperature,volume will be smaller,this phenomenon is called shrinkage. Can be divided into liquid solidification shrinkage and solid-state contraction.

Liquid contraction of Alloy casting is the contraction of liquid alloy from high to low temperatures,fully embodied in the lower level,usually use percentage of volume smaller quantity to show ,called shrink.

Solidifying contraction of Alloy casting is liquid alloy shrinkage phenomenon which start from solidification to process of complete solidification,not only have liquid shrinkage,but also have solid shrinkage,include volume change of crystal,usually use volume shrinkage to show .

The passage above talks about alloy casting—— liquidity and shrinkage.