Alloy Metal Castings — Deoxygenation

In the smelting of alloy,make metallic oxide of molten metal restore and process of deoxygenation is called deoxygenation,there are 3 ways of deoxygenation in the using of production : diffusible desoxydation/sediment deoxidation/vacuum deoxidation.

metal castingsDiffusible desoxydation of alloy metal castings

The way of desoxydation is used in electric steelmaking,through the dregwith low-content oxygen,make substrate of the dreg occur oxygen diffusion .

Sediment deoxidation of alloy metal castings

Put desoxidant in molten metal,make desoxidant diffuse fully with some measures. specific gravity is less than metal,can expel from the molten metal, this way of deoxidation is called sediment deoxidation. For steel-making, Al、Ca、Si are used widely in the industrial.

Vacuum deoxidation of alloy metal castings

Combine[C]and [O], create CO,achieve purpose of liquid steel deoxidization,this way of the deoxidation is called vacuum deoxidation.

The most basic methods of deoxidation is diffusible desoxydation and sediment deoxidation of alloy metal castings

The passage above talks about alloy metal castings —— deoxygenation,respectively introduces three ways of deoxygenation,they are diffusible desoxydation,sediment deoxidation and vacuum deoxidation.