Case of austenitic manganese steel castings

9.1 castings, must be cast accurately in accordance with the model or drawings to work provided by the purchaser or mutually agreed upon with the addition of these letters] numbers and marks that can be specified.
9.2 the purchaser must specify the tolerances on all important dimensions. On other dimensions, tolerances specified in IS 4897 are applicable.

NOTE – For the sake of information, it is indicated that, to ensure a proper fit, it is often necessary to maintain the tolerances on the dimensions exiernal on the negative side and the internal dimensions on the positive side in the case of austenitic manganese steel castings.

The elements not specified in table 1 should not normally be added to steel and all reasonable precautions must be taken to avoid contamination of scrap metal, etc., to keep them as low as possible. 8.4.2 analysis and reporting of the analysis in the test for residual elements certificate should be made only to the specified (‘ by the buyer in the investigation and order.) However, c [~ e manufacturer must ensure that the residual elements are within the limits, when these limits are set by the buyer in the investigation and the agenda. 9 manufacture and arrival