Casting Company

Casting Company is 70-year old is a modern high-quality iron and steel castings and gray and ductile irons used for common industrial castings. In flexible manufacturing facilities, Pacific Alloy apply advanced foundry technology to provide comprehensive solutions that help design, construction pattern, casting production, and finish machining for some industries. Pacific Alloy castings range from a few ounces to £ 12,000 and includes parts pumps, crusher parts, agricultural products, asphalt products, surface mining products, bars beat HSI, and progressive cavity pumps.

Casting Company is focused on reducing costs, eliminating waste, and maximize returns on investments, which led them to an energy management system that would lower their power bill and the efficiency of their operations seek. To determine the potential for savings made Powerit Solutions energy assessment at the plant, identified controllable loads plant personnel, and concluded that the system of Powerit Solutions’ effective control furnace loads without charges to offset claims made prejudice production rates, construction safety, or building comfort. The initial load strategy with coincident peak demand during the operation of the two largest burdens of the facility, induction furnace induction furnace 600 kW and 1500 kW minimized.

Since installed and implemented a system of Powerit Solutions’, Pacific Alloy is able to manage and optimize the induction furnace 600 kW and 1500 kW induction furnace from any networked PC in the plant. Specifically, Pacific Alloy uses a simple, intuitive graphs based on real-time interval data collected from utility meters and prioritizes the furnaces during peak demand periods. Before commissioning the system, Pacific Alloy average expected demand reduction of 480 kW monthly minimum but seen from a monthly reduction of 600 kW.