China Cast Supplies Situation

China Cast SuppliesChina is one of the largest cast supplies in the world today, according to data, the output value of the cast products in China, accounts for about 1% of GDP. Average scale and economic scale of cast supplies enterprise have large gap with foreign cast supplies. Though China’s production of castings has been in a row for five years in the world, most of the cast supplies are small scale enterprises.

There is a big distance between cast supplies enterprises’ overall technical equipment level and foreigners’. Technical equipment level gap between enterprises is big, and a few enterprises’ individual production workshops are close to or reach the international advanced level, but the overall level is not high. According to statistics, China has imported more than 210 automatic molding line, and there are more than 250 domestic molding production line, which are mainly concentrated in the mass production of the car internal combustion engine parts enterprises.

There is a big gap in the research, development and innovation ability between China cast supplies and overseas enterprises. On the whole, there is no one chinese casting invention among 30 great global inventions. There is few casting products with high technology content, high added value, independent intellectual property rights, and international reputation, but it costs to import casting products with high technology.