Design of Die Cast

die casting

Design of die cast involves four aspects as follows. First, pressure casting requiring shape and structure of parts ;second, the processing performance of die cast; third, the precision of the size and surface of the die cast; forth, the determination of parting surface of die cast; parts design of die cast is the important part in die casting production technology. the design must consider the following questions: the mold parting surface selection, gate opening, the choice of position of plunger, the contraction of the die cast, the die cast dimension accuracy assurance, prevention of internal defects of die cast, requirements of cast hole , the related requirements of contraction deformation and the size of the machining allowance, etc.

The design principles of die cast are correct selection of die cast material, the reasonable determination of the size precision of die cast, distribution thickness of wall as uniformly as possible, increasing process Angle and avoiding sharp corners. In the design of die cast, it should also pay attention to the parts meeting the technological requirements of die cast and consider technology of die cast from the parting surface position, the position of the top of the push rod, the requirements of cast hole, shrinkage deformation of the relevant requirements and the size of the machining allowance etc. Reasonably confirming the parting surface of die cast, not only can simplify the structure of the die casting type, also can guarantee the quality of castings.