Die Casting Process

die casting processdie casting process is a lack cutting special casting method which develops rapidly in modern metal processing technology. Die casting process is a process making the molten metal under high pressure high speed to fill mold, and crystallize, solidify into castings under the high pressure. High pressure and high speed is the main characteristic of die casting process.

Due to using die casting process, the products have advantages of high production efficiency, simple process, higher casting tolerance level, good surface roughness, mechanical strength, saving a lot of machining processes and equipments and raw materials. So the die casting process has become an important part of casting industry in our country.

Die casting process contents elements of machine, mold and alloy, unified pressure, speed and time. At the same time, these technological factors influence each other, restrict each other, and complement each other. Only select correctly, and adjust these factors, coordinated, to achieve the expected results. Therefore, it should not only attach importance to the process of die casting structure, the advanced nature of the die casting mould, die casting machine performance and optimal structure, adaptability of chosen die casting alloy and normative melting process; it should be paid more attention to the pressure, temperature and time on the important role of process parameters on the die casting quality. In die casting process, it should pay attention to the effective control of these parameters.