Die-casting Technique of Magnesium Alloy Casting

Concept of magnesium alloy casting die-casting:technique of magnesium alloy casting Die-casting is basically the same with technique of traditional aluminum alloy die casting ,there are two key distinctions,first , LTM of magnesium alloy casting,requires the injection system of pressure die casting machine can provide enough energy to satisfy filling requirement at express speed,second,in consideration of safety and spillage of material,gating system of magnesium alloy needs to equip special gas to protect furnace,prevent MIG weld pool  from oxidation through protect gas

Process of die-casting technique of magnesium alloy casting:according to pouring amount of die pressed casting,inject the injection chamber by metering pumpand delivery pipe→choose reasonable speed of fast shot according to LTM of magnesium alloy casting

magnesium alloy castingFeatures and advantages of magnesium alloy casting

Because of excellent flowing property of magnesium alloy casting,can produce the parts which are more complex and more thin-wall than aluminum alloy die casting.

Magnesium alloy casting has better thermal conductivity and protective value of metalelectromagnetic type.

Inexhaustible magnesium resources

Additional material can be recycled

Sound insulation value and vibration damping performance

The passage above talks about part of die-casting technique of magnesium alloy casting.