Differences between Aluminium Casting and Aluminium Alloy Casting

aluminum alloy castingAluminum alloy casting is a Broad Categories, Ingredient of aluminium casting is usually alloy,which is a kind of aluminum alloy casting . It can be divided into two major categories of deformation aluminum alloy casting and cast aluminum alloy according to processing methods, can withstand the pressure deformation of aluminum alloy processing. wrought Aluminum alloy casting can bear press working,can produce its materials which have kinds of forms and standards,Mainly used in the manufacture of aero equipment, building doors and windows, etc. Wrought Aluminum alloy casting is divided into enhanced aluminum alloy could have heat treatment and type of strengthening aluminum alloy couldn’t have heat treatment.

Type of non – heat – treatable can only be done by cold deformation strengthening, it mainly includes the high purity aluminum, industrial high purity aluminum, industrial pure aluminum and antirust aluminum, etc. heat – treatable and enhanced aluminum alloy could increase mechanical properties by quenching and aging heat treatment methods,it can be divided into hard aluminum, forging, super-hard aluminum and special aluminum alloy, etc. Casting aluminum alloy can be divided into aluminum silicon alloy, copper alloy aluminum, aluminum and magnesium alloy, rare earth alloy aluminium zinc alloy and aluminum by chemical composition ,which had eutectic silicon aluminum silicon alloy and aluminum alloy, eutectic silicon aluminium alloy, single eutectic silicon aluminium alloy, aluminum alloy casting under the as-cast .