Different Furnace in Aluminum Casting Process

aluminum casting processAt present, in the advanced and large casting workshop, the aluminum melting furnace with rounding cover for loading has become standard configuration during the aluminum casting process. But in some applications, the rectangular melting aluminum furnace is an appropriate choice. For mass production of casting workshop, the annual output of aluminum ingot castings are 50000 ton to 200000 ton, it is an economic choice to use the aluminum melting furnace group with round top.

In the aluminum casting process, the circular top charging furnace for melting aluminum adopts open shaped hopper which will fill with aluminum piece before the furnace charging. Due to the rapid charging, the capacity of circular furnace is increased over 20% than the rectangular furnace.

It will get about 25% energy saving. While the maintenance quantity of circular furnace is less.when feeding,it is easily to damage lining refractory near the oven door of rectangular furnace.

That would cause the problem that the insulation performance of rectangular furnace will be worse with time. The sealability of oven door will be seriously damaged.

So in the production of special aluminum alloy, the uniformity of temperature and composition in the melting furnace is very important. And in this respect the circular furnace is better, because during the aluminum casting process, the hearth of circular furnace has no “blind Angle” which exists in the rectangular furnace corner.