Energy savings in heat treatment

Many castings obtain their final mechanical properties after the casting process during heat treatment. The optimal layout and energy input during heat treatment strongly relates to when a necessary microstructure develops. Magmasoft lets users model the entire heat-treatment process and the resulting microstructures.

The software also lets users simulate residual stresses. Designers previously added large safety margins to each heat-treatment step because the way heat-treatment furnaces transmit energy to parts was not well understood. Simulation does away with these safety margins.

New models even let users predict the amount of local carbon saturation in cast iron and steel. Say the total austenitization time for a wind-energy part was 6 hr. Reducing this time by 1.5 hr saves 128 kW-hr/metric ton of product without sacrificing final properties or microstructure. For 500 heat-treated parts, savings add up to 100,000 KW-hr/yr.