Engineering metallic materials of casting

In order to obtain the engineering metallic materials of casting their original form. schmelzflüssige metals with certain geometric solid body shape. the feature of this design is that the built part from the liquid state out almost its final the shape is achieved. for thousands of years after the abovementioned principle of objects,art and jewellery as the castings produced. it takes different methods the use of the material, form and the size and number of required castings are dependent. the production of parts is until now, mainly handmade by using simple technical auxiliary. larger quantities or mass are powerful automatic machines and equipment is manufactured. all foundries, despite different technical equipment together that accident and health hazards of are there.

Accidents and occupational diseases can not only through extensive safety of machinery and other technical services be prevented but require also, permanent security conscious the actions and behaviour of employees.

The bg – information is therefore on key risks and the consequences for the foundry ter pointed out. furthermore, security measures
and practices is presented, with which accidents and diseases can be avoided.