Gravity Die Casting

gravity die castingAccording to the pouring process, metal casting can also be divided into gravity die casting and pressure die casting. gravity die casting refers to the process the liquid metal in the earth’s gravity is injected into mold, also known as casting. Generalized gravity die casting includes sand casting, metal mold casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, and mud casting etc. The narrow meaning of gravity die casting specifically is metal mold casting. Precision casting factories are engaged in sand mold and metal mold gravity die casting for long term. These casting processes are the most commonly used in non-ferrous metal casting, also relative to the lowest price.

The characteristics of gravity die casting are as follows: first, less casting porosity, heat treatment can be performed; the strength of the product can be improved greatly after heat treatment, even more than die casting products. Second, product density is low; depend on the weight of the liquid forming, the density of the product is lower than die casting, its strength also a bit poorer, but the elongation higher. Third, the surface finishment of products is not high; the surface of gravity die casting products after cooling and contracting is easy to form similar blasting pit. Forth, mould die life of gravity die casting is longer than die casting, and mould cost is lower. Fifth, the process of gravity die casting is melting, pouring material filling, exhaust, cooling, mould open, heat treatment, after processing; the process of gravity die casting is very simple.