Heat Treatment of Copper Alloy Casting

Most of the copper alloy casting can’t through heat treatment to strengthen,but used in casting condition , there is also a few copper alloy casting heat-treatable, such as casting beryllium bronze, casting chromium bronze, etc. Heat treatment of copper alloy casting can be divided into the following three categories according to its applications:

Eliminate stress annealing of the copper alloy casting

copper alloy castingPurpose is to produce internal stress after eliminating casting and repairing welding,such as postwelding heat treatment technology of casting aluminium bronze : heat the casting to 450-550℃,  Insulation for 4-8h.

Strengthening heat treatment of the copper alloy casting

Include solution treatment and aging treatment. Purpose is to improve mechanical property of alloy,such as strengthening heat treatment technology of casting chromium bronze: heat to 980-1000℃

Heat treatment of eliminating the casting defects

While heat tin bronze casting to 400-650℃ , cause volume expansion, thus block the microshrinkage of tin bronze , improve the pressure resistance, such as heat treatment technology of casting tin bronze : heated to 650℃, Insulation for 3h. Furnace cooling.

The passage above talks about heat treatment of copper alloy casting.