How centrifugal pumps works

Fraction angular velocity of rotation of the movement and the angular velocity of rotation of the wheel appeal Rotary transfer fω factor = 1 for the impeller blades right fω < 1, it variable from 0 to 1 depend on the discharge of the pump impeller blades curved backwards.

General explanation: as most of the pumps, centrifugal pump converts the rotational energy, often from an engine , the energy in a moving fluid. Part of the kinetic energy into continuous energy of the fluid. The fluid enters the eye through the axial of the envelope, is caught in the propeller and is swirled tangentially and radially outwards until it left through all hoop of the impeller in the part of diffuser of the housing. The fluid gains to both the speed and the pressure through the wheel. The diffuser fritter, or scrolling, the section of the envelope-shaped slowed the flow and increases the pressure.

Compare the two the old way and the new description how the energy of power of the turbine for the object passes through it, we see: new way shows how centrifugal force appears and it is effective on an object through the wheel. While that the old way that mentioned about the interaction of the force of inertia between the van of the turbine and the object, which means that the main conservation of momentum can never describe the centrifugal force whose energy relationship with her, because she is diametrically force it cannot make the couple on the rotating shaft.

Application of the theory of classical mechanics, assuming that the viscosity of the liquid equal to 0 and no loss of energy for the work of energy transfer from the wheel to power lines which means that all the distinct flows will be uniform (this approximation of physical reality to get the simpler than the State solid mechanism of hydraulic mechanism)

Observe a mass going along a straight wheel (the wheel the more old and simple), it is these forces impact on him:

1 – thrust wheel on it a CF force, it reflects a force anti F ‘ on pallet

2 – centrifugal force Fc pull fly (follow the centrifugal direction)