Investment casting produces bioengineering components

For high melting temperature metals, if a small number of specialized castings with high tolerances required investment solutions suitable. investment casting produces bioengineering components, and some are used in the aerospace industry. The technique provides us with good dimensional accuracy and the small end surface finishing operations are needed. Light allay materials used. Because of the properties should produce products in time and to be at the correct value. Death will be used over and over. lost wax casting method of investment: the first is prepared for wax injection. After injection of wax is (30 sec) death opened, then the wax pattern insertion HCI very dilute acid. This process is to dissolve the soluble core. Then, the tree is the small patterns (Core dissolved in 12 hours) to hold in isopropanol and tridoroethene, then into pure isopropanol and drying compressed air.

Then give us the pattern ceramic coating; This will eventually form the mold foal. (By dipping it in zircon, refractory powder coated enemy; now it is known as mold). We dry the mold by passing it through ammonia vapor. Then dewaxing process, comes could ruin any wax left side expensive solutions. The process is 900 ° C oven gas used fire. We then left the work to be cooled down on shelves. Now it is extremely heavy and brittle. Models heated again for four hours, now the model is ready for casting. This is very economical because you have many form one projection from the furnace melt. Each must be steel in the furnace at the same temperature (1650 C). When the furnace temperature was ideal, a small amount of silicon is added to help run more easily in the mold metal. Check temperature again. Mold is placed upside down on the furnace. Then the whole lot is tipped over. When the metal flowed into a mold, it is allowed to cool, powder is added to ensure the uniform cooling throughout the model. 20 minutes later the mold is taken for further cooling.

The best way (effective and safe) removing the ceramic coating by hammering, although it is dusty and noisy. Lastly the castings through a number of vigorous tests, such as X-rays, Ultraviolet light test. Then dimensional accuracy is also tested. Investment casting method is ideal for metals that can not be machined successfully as Tungsten and Cobalt such. Production method is profitable; and you have the opportunity to make both large and small castings.