Klaas kuiken lost foam casting technique is used to model a collection EPS

The lost-foam casting (LFC) is a type of evaporative-pattern casting processes, often used for the production of engine parts. Kuiken Klaas became interested in this method and aims to challenge the original use to create interesting products outside the industrial site. The designer chose the technique his collection ‘EPS’ clocks and wood stoves, which are all native polystyrene foam model.

Kuiken started three different designs and models out of foam polystyrene (Styrofoam) was sand-filled container. Hot cast iron was then poured into the matrix of the foam melt – due to the incredible heat, let it cast its replacement. the result is an exact copy of the polystyrene foam design, cast in one single piece still shows the texture of the model was originally used.

clocks and stoves of ‘EPS’ industrial use reference material through engines like appearance. although they are brutal mechanical features, they express a playful quality through their irregular shapes. Kuiken uses two different textures, including; ‘Peeled Hand’ silhouette foam are irregular; and hot filament creates smooth profile.