Lightweight Trend of Casting Supplies

casting suppliesFaced with the increasingly serious energy and environmental crisis, lightweight has become an important direction of the casting supplies and components industry development.Therefore exports are constantly committed to the development and utilization of materials with light weight and high strength,such as steel with high strength and aluminum magnesium alloy materials. Because of a series of excellent properties, aluminum alloy materials have become one kind of the most ideal auto lightweight materials.

In recent years, aluminum castings has developed rapidly. In 2007, the output of aluminum castings in China was 2.24 million ton, in which the castings produced by high pressureaccount for nearly 50%. Demand growth of aluminum castings has promoted the development of foundry enterprises who produce casting supplies, but the environmentalproblem and extensive energy consumption have become potential threat.

Green casting is the inevitable direction of foundry enterprises. It has a profound impact on the production of casting supplies and the development of the industry. In the process of machining casting products, workers need to pay special attention to these problems, such as processes which affect the mechanical properties and processability, corrosion resistance, air tightness and surface quality. Therefore, in order to survive and maintain high competitiveness, foundry enterprises must exert great effort all-around to realize the green casting.