Low Alloy Steel

Low alloy steel points to adding a small amount of alloy element in steel, due to the strengthening effect of the alloying elements, yield point of low alloy structural steel is 25-150 percent higher than the ordinary carbon steel and most low carbon , and they have good plasticity and toughness and welding performance, some low alloy steel still have the features such as corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, therefore, low alloy steel is a kind of very promising steel. The proportion in the production of steel, low alloy steel becomes bigger and bigger.

In accordance with the quality and use, low alloy steel is divided into regular quality low alloy steel, high quality low alloy steel, and special high quality low alloy steel.

Due to the effect of the alloying elements, low alloy structural steel is occupied with high strength and toughness, good process performance, low production cost, wide application, the most direct use. The low alloy steel is often used for railways, bridges, ships, automobiles, pressure vessel, commonly used for welding structure, and mechanical components, etc.

Other low alloy steel including ordinary quality, high quality, special quality these low alloy steel are also special steel for various special product. high-quality steel with weldability of high strength low alloy structural steel is used in boiler, pressure vessel , shipbuilding, automobile, bridges, bicycle; And special quality low alloy steel is used in nuclear power, pressure vessels, ships, weapons, guaranteeing the performance of low alloy steel thickness direction.