Manganese Steel Castings

A register of heat treatment of castings must be maintained by the manufacturer, a copy will be provided to the buyer, unless this is stated at the time of the investigation and order. 12.3 the tubes are heat treated with casts they represent. NOTE – When bending specimens are thermally treated with relatively heavy section castings, tubes can be protected from oxidation by enclosing them in pipes m containers with a small amount of carbon material or any other appropriate means of protection and suitnbly closed to avoid the gas to the oven to come into contact with the test bars.

To enable the expansion of gases inside these tubes or containers, they should not be completely seated on the specified mechanical properties are those which must be obtained from either cast test bars separately or fixed parts to which they refer and heat treated as data in 12. Thus represented test values, therefore, represent the quality of the steel from which casts have been paid; they do not necessarily represent the properties of the moulded parts themselves. “

Castings when they are provided in the thermally treated condition and tested in accordance with 1500 is must have the Brinell hardness for different grades given in table 2 to the condition specified in 14.2.1.” 14.2.1 if 4 e, 5, 6 and 7 of the upper limit of the hardness values are indicative and, unless otherwise agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer at the time of the investigation and order, not applicable CRA. It may be noted that, in these qualities, the hardness value is not a reliable indicator of quality. 14.2.2 the hardness test can be performed either on a casting or a bar to trial at the discretion of the buyer. 14.3 Bend test specimen shall withstand bending cold through 150 around a mandrel of diameter 50 mm without breaking into two pieces. After folding surface cracks are not considered to be a failure if the sample stays in one piece. The bars must be about 225 mm long and 20 x 13 mm in cross section. The edges can be rounded to a radius not exceeding 1.5 mm.