One of Metal Casting Companies

metal casting companiesDedicated to the production of copper casting, as one of metal casting companies, Peel Jones copper products co., LTD has a history of 30 years.

This metal casting companies work for plant operators of more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. In recent years, its export sales achieve substantial growth in some countries. After a good start in 2012, the production of metal casting companies has grown 15%. the company possesses a worldwide integrative agent network.

The products of Peel Jones include cooling equipment of blast furnace, cupola furnace and electric arc furnace, tuyere cooler, flat shaft cooler, plate cooler and mini plate cooler, clamping device, chute and discharge box base.

The special design of casting in this metal casting companies has prolonged the service life of the equipment and provided users with the producing equipment of lower cost. The company provide customers with the latest technology through continuous research and innovative design.

All kinds of product design provided by Peel Jones company are according to the requirements of customers or employ the company’s own design. Mantas Blancas copper ingot with high oxygen from IMl company in Chile is by far the best copper ingot. It has a “black” surface. Now Peel Jones company is striving to producing copper ingot with this kind of quality by the innovation in casting process.