Problems of centrifugal pumps

These are a few difficulties in centrifugal pumps:

- Cavitation – the suction head positive net (NPSH) of the system is too low for the chosen pump

- The wheel wear – can be exacerbated by suspended solids

- Corrosion inside the pump caused by the properties of fluids

- Overheating Due to low flow

- Leakage along rotating shaft lack of boot centrifugal pumps must be completed (with the pumped fluid

- operat

- Surge

A fields solids control system oil require lots of centrifugal pumps to sit on or in slurry tanks. Types of centrifugal pumps used are sand, submersible slurry pumps, shear, and the pumps of load. They are defined by their different functions, but their principle of operation is the same.