Process Measures and Application of Cast Steel

cast steelcast steel is mainly used in strength, plasticity and toughness which is demanded higher parts of machine. Production is next only to cast iron, accounts for about 15% of the total output of castings.

The mechanical properties of the cast steel is higher than the cast iron, but its casting performance is worse than cast iron. Because the melting point of cast steel is higher, easy oxidation of liquid steel, molten steel flow fault and big contraction , to prevent cast steel from occurring flaw like cold ,shut ,shrinkage cavity,shrinkage porosity,crack and burnt-on sand , etc. Must adopt processing measure which is more complicated than cast steel.

Because of the shrinkage of cast steel is more than iron, to prevent the casting from occurring flaw like shrinkage cavity, shrinkage porosity , etc,adopts the riser and mostly on the casting process, and other measures of cold iron and subsidies in order to realize the solidification orderly.

Furthermore, in order to prevent the cast steel from occurring flaw like shrink age cavity, shrinkage, porosity and crack, should make its uniform thickness,avoid sharp corners and rectangular structure, sawdust are added into the mould with sand, add coke to the core, and adopt the empty heart core and sand core to improve the concession and breathable of the sand mold or the core.