Red Sand Used in Sand Casting Aluminum

Red sand is often used in sand casting aluminum and the main content of the red sand: silicon dioxide of 79.4%, ferric oxide of 1.48%, aluminium oxide of 10.55%, calcium oxide of 0.85%, magnesium oxide of 0.52%, refractoriness of 1440,silt content of 3.06%,loss on ignition of 1.98% . Red sand with high silicon ,it has advantages of better breathability , high refractoriness, low moisture,etc.

sand casting aluminumThe red sand will be used in sand casting aluminum and casting sand shall be satisfied the following requirements:

-It has higher purity and cleanliness and takes silica sand for example,requirement of casting iron with sand is content of SiO2must be over 90%,equirement of larger casting steel is content ofSiO2 must be over 97%.

-It has high refractoriness and thermal stability.

-Not easy to be wetting by liquid metal.

-Cheap and easy to get.

Generally speaking ,there are three kinds of shapes of casting sandwith particle shape

-Rounded sand : particle is round or close to round, surface is bright and clean, there are no prominent edges and corners.

-Angular sand: particles turned into a polygon and most of them areobtuse angles
The passage above talks about red sand used in sand casting aluminum.