Several Ways of Casting Metal

Usually, there are several ways of casting metal as below:

Three types of ordinary sand casting includes green sand mold , dry sand mold, Chemical hardening sand mold.

Special casting process can be divided into natural mineral sand as the special casting of main molding materials according to the molding material(such as investment casting, clay mold casting,shell mold casting,negative pressure casting,full mold process, ceramic mold casting,etc. The metal as the main and special casting of mould material(such as metal mold casting, pressure casting ,continuous casting, low pressure casting ,centrifugal casting, etc.

casting metalCasting metal process usually includes:

Casting mould(Make liquid metal be containers of solid casting)

Mold can be divided into sand mold , metal mold, ceramic mould ,graphite type and so on according to the materials,can be divided into type of one-time , type of semipermanent and type of permanent according to the number of using

Melting and pouring Casting metal,casting metal(casting alloy)

There are mainly casting steel , casting iron and casting non-ferrous alloy.

The passage above talks about several ways of casting metal