The usage of die casting depends on the melting temperature

sand casting is suitable for a small number of major components and metals melt at high temperatures. But it is a disadvantage that every time you need a new model. As a result, the technique is quite uneconomic for low melting point metals. For low melting temperature metals are other suitable casting technique. Die casting. The use depends on the die-casting metal melt temperature being tasted. (Bronze & brass door handles are made from the technique- As certain types of cases complextransmission car wheels, and carburetor parts can be produced by die casting.)

Properties die-casting:

1) Can a large number of small, Casting light produced with great precision.

2) Little surface finishing is required.

3) Standing model (can be used again and die)

Simplestmethod of die-casting gravity die-casting. It is pouring directly from the label; external pressures or forces involved. Mainly Magnesium (Mg) suitable for this technique. Before pouring the metal powder called french chalk put into the death of cast iron of the metal sticking prevention. Magnesium is continuously heated during the process to keep right ingredients thermal and maintain fluidity of magnesium and has kept flask to prevent contact with air (02) to prevent explosive properties and the during pouring Mg reason, once the surface is being powdered. This keeps powdering result in an inert gas (S02) heavier than air, to prevent explosive reactions and also the metal surface clean and shiny. Mg is ideal for making wheels rising by using gravity die-casting, because it is tight and strong.

Low-pressure die-casting:

In this technique death is surrounded by a gas burner to keep heat right ingredients. One of the major advantages of this process; there is no need to remove the riser and runner, so to minimize waste. A little final machining is required. Aluminum is suitable for this process because it is not easily react with oxygen gas, so it is easier than Mg work (can be shaped, and easily). Solidification starts at the edges of the edge and moves inwards to the center. To check whether any cracks, the casting is painted with blue color engineering. In the airplane industry Xray technique is used instead.

High Pressure die-casting:

In high pressure die casting to shorten the time Don metal solidified and increase the output of metal into water cooled infected die under high pressure and pressure twice. Between each injection of metal, metal is sprayed with oil-based graphite, metal sticking to prevent to the death. Due to high pressures safety regulations should involve obeyed with great precision.

The metal injection:

1) Metal in the plunger, the closure of the pouring hole.

2) Move the metal into the die.

3) Fill the cavity of the metal.

4) intensification of the metal concentration and reduce the cavitations (applying high pressure).

Operation speed depends on the cooling rate. In this technique carefully die design is important and justified usually die used steel output High output quality. Injection plunger makes metal into the die. The metal is injected into two identical die simultaneously produce two identical castings, which increases output. High melting point metal being tasted, lower the life of the die. Provides high-pressure die-casting good surface and good die dimensions. It is suitable for all nonferrous alloys. This technique is successful in thin walled structures also. Ideal for mass production.


Pressure die casting process

And now for something completely different! About half of the light alloy castings are made by pressure die casting process, in which the liquid metal is injected at high speed and high pressure into a metal mold usually called the death. The principle is the pressure die casting process shown in Fig. Figure shows a simple appliance for application instrument and pressure die casting.

It is characterized by good quality surface finish, which means that machining is not needed often. However, we have to take care to die castings of pressure, although similar to the product in this case to perfectly fit well to implement, is the lack of unsoundness internal concern in other applications in which strength and possibly required leak tightness properties. As we will see in later lectures, turbulence and air bubble entrapment often cause Aero Chocolate structure is poor metallurgical properties and causing leaks in many projections.


Chicago’s Mumford Companies Buys Advance Die Casting’s Milwaukee Plant

The Mumford Companies, a Chicago-based business and real estate holding company, has purchased Advance die casting Co., Milwaukee, out of receivership. Rollcast LLC, Pewaukee, Wis., had placed the business in receivership in March and announced it would close operations in May. Roughly 75 workers would have lost their jobs.

The workers continued to make parts for Caterpillar Inc. and other customers, however, and Mumford closed on the purchase in June.

“The old ownership just didn’t have the capital to invest in the business,” said Phil Mumford Jr. “We have to spend six months rebuilding the machinery, adding automation, making it more efficient.”

Mumford will shut down the bulk of Advance’s manufacturing as it retools. The 75 employees will have to reapply for their old jobs, with Mumford hoping to return to 75 employees in early 2016.

“We take a distressed company that has financial challenges and come in and bring in the fresh capital that buys some time do to the restructuring,” said Phil Mumford Sr. “In almost every case, there’s mostly good in these businesses.”


The Development of Die Casting Industry in China

Die casting process is one of the most widely used and fastest growing metal thermal forming processes. die casting is the most widely used in casting process and one of the fastest growing the forming process of metal hot working methods. Die casting as a kind of advanced non-ferrous alloy precision parts forming technology adapt to the modern manufacturing products in the complicate, motors, lightweight, energy-saving, greening, broadening the application field. With die casting equipment and technology level unceasing enhancement, the application range of the die casting products based on the existing still will continue to expand.

die castingEspecially the rapid development of automobile industry, led to the die casting industry developing at an unprecedented rate in our country. Research report shows that the die casting machine quality performance levels compared with foreign advanced industrial countries differ greatly, but due to the distribution field of die casting is wide. from transportation energy to household appliances and to the thousands of daily industrial products, there is the existence of die casting, and each die casting market requirement are not identical, this creates a space for domestic die-casting machine market, especially the medium and small die casting machine, this space is likely to continue a long time. China as a processing base in the world basic machinery industry, especially die casting processing base, there is no doubt that it brings a good opportunity to our country, but also stimulates our country to enhance the quality of basic products.

The prospect of China’s long-term development will continue to attract foreign counterparts. This situation brings great development opportunities to domestic die casting manufacturers. Domestic die casting enterprises should pay attention to brand awareness, the environmental protection consciousness and the development of standardization, strengthen the research and development of independent intellectual property products, promote the common industry technology progress, carry out the green manufacturing of the concept of scientific development and extend service connotation.