Cast metals and foundry products

A variety of different production processes used in metal products, is casting the foundry industry but one branch, as described below.

Table 3. Production Processes Metal

Metal Production Processes

Overview and Relationship of UK Ferrous Metal Production Processes

Figure 2. Overview of Process Relations and Non-Ferrous Metal Production UK

Metal can cast at foundries sub-divided into several main groups as shown in Table 4 below.

Table 4. Different Metals used for Casting Production

Different Metals used for Casting Production

Various Metals used for foundry castings production solutions needed for a wide range of uses and range in size from a few grams to components weighing produced castings for ships and offshore oil rigs, which can weigh up to 300 tons. An overview of some of the products produced below.

Application engineering:

● 26% of castings produced in the UK.

● includes energy production, mining, shipping, railways and pipes. Automotive parts:

● 31% of UK output solutions for passenger vehicles.

● 18% are produced for commercial vehicles.

Telecommunications, leisure and household items:

● Golf clubs

● casings mobile phone

● taps, plumbing fittings

● door handles

● components in household appliances Implants

Medical radiate

● hip femoral

● femoral & components knee tibial

● shoulder, elbow wrist and components

● staples Surgical

Decorative railing cast aluminum (reproduction of a Victorian design originally cast in iron)

Architectural and street furniture:

● lamp posts, benches, rails

● building components


Sand mold casting used in foundry industry

sand mold casting is a good method used in foundry industry involving pouring a molten metal into a sand mold.

Sand mold casting use sand casting mold. There are many types of sand mold used for sand casting. Different patterns of sand mold can make different type product in sand mold casting industry.

foundry productsWith sand mold casting way, you can adopt Low cost of mold materials and low cost of equipment. In foundry industry, by using sand mold casting method, big casting dimensions products can be made very easily. Also many kinds of metals and alloys like ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys became possible to be cast. Some high melting point metals and alloys also may be cast easily using sand mold casting way.

We have to mention that using sand mold casting, the product with rough surface and poor dimensional accuracy is common thing. Also if we use sand mold casting, there are high machining tolerances we have to face. We also can meet coarse grain structure using the sand mold casting. Also by sand mold casting, the wall thickness is limited with not higher than 2.5-5 mm.

The sand mold casting helps foundry industry develop fast and make creating big capacity foundry products possible.