metal foundry industry is an ancient and emerging industry,basic parts industry of machinery industry and manufacturing industry,determine useful time and sturdiness of mechanical equipment and a variety of production equipment.

metal foundryThrough thousands of years of production practice and experience accumulation,scientific research from the understanding of the surface to the microscopic theory has made great development,constantly improve the problems appeared in the process of metal foundry production,complete steadily the analysis of the technical parameters and control,can make the metal foundry perfect ,and ensure the service life and robustness of mechanical equipment . If want toproduce qualified and high quality metal foundry. First ,understand and study the factors of influencing the performances of iron metal foundry,how to improve purity of molten iron.

-The control of sulfur content, prevent the formation of sulfur eutectic;

-Solve the air hole of smelting which produced by dissolved oxygen;

-Limit trace elements under disturbance variable;

Control of phosphorus content, prevent the formation of phosphorus eutectic.

The passage above talks about the way how to solve the factors that affect themetal foundry.


Talents lacked in Metal Foundry

The shortage of talents with metal foundry technology is the key to the development of metal casting technology. It mainly displays in three aspects as follows.

metal foundryFirstly, there are fewer numbers of technical and managingpersons. With uneven distribution, the least technical and managing staffs account for only 12% of the total staffs in metal foundry , but most of that account for 323%, a difference of 27 times, state-owned metal foundry, especially the military metal foundry has high proportion.

Secondly, there are fewer senior talents. Technical and managing talents in metal foundries are basically from technical secondary school, college and undergraduate students, especially the number of technical secondary school and college students are the most, but graduate students are rare.

Third, the source of new talents becomes narrow. Many colleges and universities would no longer set metal casting majorafter 1990. The number of metal foundry school owned by some large and medium-sized enterprises also has a downward trend.

The root cause of the lack of talents in metal foundry is the poor payment and bad working environment. Only by the way of training more metal casting talents, metal foundry can have a better development.