The Cosworht Process

Cosworth Process is a modern development designed specifically for high volume production of high quality automotive castings. The process reflects the fact does not need to pour the liquid metal for casting. In this case, it is pumped uphill against gravity and this ability to keep control of the process to fill the mold. Allows a vast reservoir of metal liquid in the furnace holding time for impurities to sink or swim, and the pump electromagnetic (containing no moving parts) displaces the metal best quality from the middle depth of the furnace holding up and into the mold, displacing the air ahead of it as it goes.

The process is there a large degree of sophistication to the pump to be programmable filled with all kinds of solutions to fill the best program possible. In the latest version of this process – the Mark II – the metal is introduced through the side wall of the mold is then applied over and detached from the filling system. This enables the models to increase throughput because it is no longer necessary to wait for the metal in one mold to solidify before the next model indexed in position at the station pouring. This process is being adopted by Ford in the USA and the rover used a similar approach in their LPS Process shown earlier.

Figure the Cosworth Foundry in Worcester, UK, indicating the lightweight engineering approach to the design of the plant, and is in marked contrast to the popular image foundries under the railway arches.