The hydraulic test of casting

When this is specified by the buyer in the investigation and of the order, the hydraulic test must be carried out; the details of the test must be agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer. 16.2 castings must be hammered, connected or impregnated, to stop leaks. However, unless otherwise indicated at the time of the investigation and order, rectification and upgradation of a casting welding can be done in accordance with approved procedures as stipulated in the relevant clause of the standard. 17 sampling method the method of castings steel of sampling for the purpose of chemical analysis and mechanical tests including re-test must conform to the IS 6907. By agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer, castings meet the requirements of this standard may, after inspection, legible and indelible manner with a mark of acceptance.

Castings can also be marked with the standard brand. 18.3.1 using standard Mark is governed by the provisions of the standards of the Indian Office, 1986 Act and the rules and regulations made thereunder. The details of condition under which the license for the use of the standard Mark can be granted to manufacturers or producers can be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards.