The Main Characteristics of Casting Stainless Steel Process

The followings are the main characteristics of casting stainless steel process: include iron mould and process of pressure casting, the metal parts of die casting machine which includes pressure to bear a strong thermal shock shorten service life of metal parts, so there is no kind of steel to use the casting process which can be mass production,but the process of die casting with high productivity,so the study of casting stainless steel method is developing very fast,has been one of the feasible methods which is used for casting production

casting stainless steelAnother advantage of investment casting method : It can cast all kinds of alloy and complex castings,especially can cast high temperature alloy castings,such as jet engine blades,its streamlined profile and cooling use the chamber,almost can’t be formed by mechanical processing technology,using investment casting production can not only get mass production,ensure the consistency of castings,but also avoid the stress concentration of the residual knife after machining there is hardly missdistance between their basic technologies.

Mainly melting temperature of casting stainless steel slightly higher.

The passage above talks about the main characteristics of casting stainless steel process.