The Metal Casting Center combines the necessity for global manufacturing

For all of the talk about the importance of manufacturing from presidential candidates campaign in Iowa, combining the Centre metal casting the need for global manufacturing – think large tractors, airplanes, automobiles – with improved efficiency from automation.

“This is a step like almost dying art,” said Bo Wallace, metal casting UNI student and Iowa City native. “You do not hear about a lot of people getting into the business foundry. They all want to be doctors or dentists.”

Wallace said this a few minutes after leading a team of four hauling vat little of molten aluminum. “When we brought out, it was at 1,425 (degrees Fahrenheit),” said Wallace, who came to UNI as a biology major.

“A company like John Deere,” said Giese, citing, for example, “they are recycling 800 tons of sand per hour. They come in a new product and this could be a costly mistake and they can take £ 1,000 sand, come into our facilities and to make the same type of product testing they want a small scale. “Although the salary from the demand in metal castings can be eye -popping, work to get that degree day is not for slouches.

“When we poured it into the mold, it was 1,315 (degree).” Giese said the MCC can serve different purposes, not only to teach students not getting the graduates future in front of big employers.

“All foundry here in the state of Iowa know who we are,” said Dr. Giese. “Practically all know foundry in our Midwest region.” This can also lead to large companies using foundry Uni for efficiency, test and test.

“We try to go on the principle of 50 percent lecture and 50 percent lab and we pretty much stick with that,” said Giese. “We want to give kids exposure and find out what they like. When you’re 18 years old, you are all thinking ‘I do not go to high school anymore.’ “

A January 2014 report from the American Foundry Society projected US sales to top $ 37 billion in 2016. That resolution same report stated that the US is the second worldwide shipments based solutions tonnage, behind China – ensuring those currently enrolled in the program will probably have their pick of destinations by step in the coming years.