The Metal Casting Center is marking 25 years with the university

As for the pressure of endless from educators and parents over the importance of STEM courses for high school graduates in the future and college, say leaders at one program at the University of Northern Iowa provides industrial technology workers and company managers in the future are looking.

But the emphasis metal casting, which could be lucrative for graduates of news, still trickles along with enrollment.

“I think we are up to 25, maybe 30 (students) in the program,” said Dr. Scott Giese with the UNI Department of Technology. Metal Casting Center is marking 25 years with the university, and parents and students looking to get more value from the stage, the work was not for the program graduates.

Giese said it is not unusual for new graduates to rent for $ 70,000 a year and progress quickly in a career. He said that Uni graduate from metal solutions two years ago are now earning about $ 90,000 per year.

“It used to be that you went to manufacturing facilities and you were pretty much worker and, in time, you might be able to move up and become a manager,” said Giese. “Computers and automation are taken entirely over the metal casting industry. You may have slaves but we need a lot of people who know how to work with computers and robots to run.”