The pattern is the principal tool during the casting process

The pattern is the main tool during the casting process. The replica is the thing to do at the casting process, with some modifications. The main ones are the addition of allowances pattern, and key supply prints. If the casting to be hollow, additional patterns called cores used to create the cavities in the finished product. Depends produced quality solutions on the contents of the pattern, design, and construction. The pattern and the costs related equipment seen in the cost of the solutions. The use of expensive author pattern when the required quantity substantial castings. Double Functions

1. A pattern mold cavity prepares to solutions.

2. pattern projections is called heart prints if the casting core and hollow necessary.

3. Runner, gates and risers used for feeding molten metal into mold cavity to be part of a pattern.

4. Patterns done correctly and be finished and smooth surfaces reduce casting defects.

5. minimizes pattern is built right on the total cost of the castings.