The Root Cause of Casting Defects

The quality of castings mainly depends on the level of manufacturing, and the defect of metal material is one of the difficult problems to overcome in the process of casting. At present, a lot of jewelry manufacturing metal materials are used by alloy materials, compared with metal simple substance it has a certain difference, so the material defect is also different. From the perspective of comprehensive benefits, many enterprises still use the conventional casting machinery with moderate price; therefore a thorough understanding of the casting defects formation mechanism to minimize defects and improve the production efficiency is beneficial.

casting defects

So far, studies have shown that the unreasonable casting process is the main factor for the formation of casting defects. The process of casting forms casting defects most easily. The most easily observed material defects are cavity defects and surface defects, followed by mixed plant-based defects, shrinkage cavity defects etc. These are typical casting defects. The shape of the accessories is largely a potential cause of the casting defects. At the production site, the maker and the operator of the accessories meet the gap that the operator often lays particular stress on jewelry’s brightness and fastness, and easily ignore the shape of the accessories which may lead to casting defects problem. This may mainly cause randomness of casting defects.