The Traditional Production of Aluminum Foundry Process

Electrolytic aluminum enterprises in China basically are given priority to producing remelting aluminum ingots. A few enterprises can produce aluminum alloy, but only focus on the distorted aluminum alloy for extrusion.

aluminum foundry processAnd domestic manufacturers of deformation aluminum alloy mostly purchase molten aluminum ingots from electrolytic aluminum enterprises. Then they will carry out a series of aluminum foundry process. After melting again and compounding the alloy, they will cast the aluminum into round ingot or plate ingot according to requirement. When they finished such aluminum foundry process, finally the aluminum will be made into different materials,such as plate, belt, foil, pipe, bar, rod or wire. This will cause the loss of aluminum ingot and energy waste.

Backward technical equipment, lack of ability for development and research, lower product technology and poorer quality of these enterprises lead to the large imports of casting aluminum alloy with high quality for the economic development necessity of our country for a long time.

In order to optimize the industrial structure of China aluminum industry as soon as possible, to improve the competitive power of the aluminum industry, we should pay special attention to the mode of aluminum foundry process. The economic and environmentally friendly aluminum foundry process just meet this request,The characteristics of such process is: high efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, short process, environmental protection.