User Interface simplifies Click2Cast Simulation for Non-Experts

Click2Cast offers an interface designed to be intuitive for users both experts and non-experts. The platform guides users through five steps to complete the simulation. Users work through five steps to a series of menus inputs plug-and-play.

Unfortunately, like many other simulation tools aimed at non-experts, the risk of garbage input that results would always garbage. However, note that the training Kunju for Click2Cast short, and users do not need a lot of exposure to technologies such as FEA or CFD simulation.
“It creates a synergy between the product designer and manufacturing teams,” said Kunju. “You do not want defects, so you need tools for the product designer and both the manufacturing team. This is where Click2Cast comes in. It does not require any expertise or training.”

Fetsko agreed, saying, “Click2Cast is extremely easy to learn, as he guides you through the set up process. With minimal knowledge of castings, you can generate meaningful data for the first day.”

To make the simulation, the user need input geometry first, defining Ingate for the metal and define the process parameters. Click2Cast will automatically mesh the geometry and simulation solution to the meshing and solver technology used Altair, which powers the platform under the hood. Click2Cast supports easy templates for gravity casting, pressure die casting, low pressure die casting and tilt pouring use.

The user able preliminary assessment as Click2Cast running. This will help the user determine whether their assessments on the right track or if they need to restart the assessment due to input or product failure.

Click2Cast a complete simulation platform for the pre-casting simulations, meshing, solving and post-processing all within the same environment. The challenge is to Altair before creating the interface to all of the easy to use tools for simulation novices, yet powerful enough for seasoned veterans.